Meteor, Space Junk Spotted on 21 Sept 2012

There has been a few mentions in the news about a bright fireball type object falling from the sky on the night of Friday 21st September 2012. I’m proud to say that i actually witnessed this phenomenon. It was amazing and one of the most fascinating things i’ve seen in my life.

Some suspected it was a meteor and others say it was space junk (bits and parts of satellite falling back to earth from space). Whatever it was it was beautiful to watch. I was actually driving home with my girlfriend after a night out and we got to about 100 yards from my apartment building and i decided to look up into the sky out of my driver side window. There it was – this glowing fireball with smaller ones following it’s trail. It was totally surreal and reminded me of the Transformers movie scene when the Autobots arrived on Earth. It was falling at an angle that’s more horizontal than vertical and looked to be alot closer to us than it actually was. Checking online shortly after revealed that there were reports of sightings from mainly Northern Ireland, Scotland, Canada and North-East America. I suspect that the object either fully disintegrated before landing or bits of actually did make it and landed in the North Atlantic Ocean.

If anyone else saw it, please feel free to share your experience and leave a comment.

Back to dubstep – i’ve been listening to Adventure Club alot recently. I know that they mainly produce remixes but they are simply awesome! Check out one of my favourites – Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)


Awesome Dog Collars

I was doing my usual search on Youtube and Soundcloud for some dubstep tracks and came across this video –

Initial reaction = what the hell was that??

So i watched it again and was like “whoa”. Is that a dog collar?? Kind of reminds me of what some fictional super hero type dog would wear.

Jokes aside though, i think that the product is extremely impressive. I’ve never seen any other dog collar with so much attention to detail and so much technology gone into the development. It looks like the product will be launched very soon but at a hefty £125. It can be purchased from Cool Dog Club. You can also find a whole lot of information about the collar and also the lead to go with it – we’re talking scientific data analysis and other techie material. I can see dog lovers with deep pockets going crazy for this collar. Not so much the girly types though as this collar seems to aimed at the more masculine, strong, active dog market.

So back to Dubstep – check out this remix of Hot Right Now by Zomboy.