Singularity – Horizon ft. Nilu

Alot has happened since my last post. I’ve been discovering more liquid dubstep tracks and piling them on my phone. Spring is breaking out and the weather is getting alot warmer here in the UK.
I bought a new car and i’m loving it. It’s a VW Scirocco and I actually bought it back in March but being a rare model there were no dealers in the UK that had one in their showroom. So my VW dealer had to order one to be made from the factory in Portugal. I just collected it last Monday and i’m enjoying every minute that i’m in it.
The speakers are awesome and blasting bass heavy dubstep tracks isn’t an issue at all.
Here is my latest discovery of liquid dubstep. It’s a track by Singularity called Horizon. Features female vocals from Nilu. I’ve never heard of Nilu before but i learned that she is an Iranian-American singer.
This dubstep track is ideal for a cruise in your car at the end of a long hot summer day. Check it out and leave your comments.


Like Home by Nicky Romero and Nervo (Karetus remix)

I love this track. First heard it on Adventure Club Superheroes Anonymous, which by the way is an epic mix of tracks.

This track is a fine example of a female vocal lead followed by awesome dubstep drops and euphoric sounds. Nicky Romero is a Dutch  DJ in the House scene and although the original version of this track itself can hold it’s own weight, this dubstep remix hits you harder than ten ton truck and take it to that next level. What i love the most about this remix is that the best elements of the original tune are still kept and the dubstep drops are integrated with it to enhance it even more. Karetus have done a great job!

Nervo Twins providing vocals is just perfect. It goes together like peanut butter and jam (or jelly if you’re American) to produce a classic dubstep remix which will certainly keep it’s 11mb of space on my mp3 player for a very long time to come. Enjoy!