Hold Your Breath – Protohype & Kezwik

So i’ve been hiding for a few months and not posted anything for a while. All i can say is – there’s no excuse for slacking!

Since coming back to the blog, i’ve updated the WordPress theme so feel free to let me know what you think.

Anyway, moving back to the subject here’s a nice little chilled out track for you all. Hold Your Breath by Protohype & Kezwik. I first came across this tune on Adventure Club’s Superheroes Anonymous (Vol 1 or Vol 2, i can’t remember).



Pacifica – Kito and Reija Remix

This has been a favourite of mine for a while and i’m not sure why i haven’t shared it sooner. Reija Lee’s vocals are awesome on Dubstep and Drum and Bass tracks. I particularly dug the track “Freefall” by Metrik where Reija provided vocals. Enjoy this chillstep track.

Gemini – Visions

Check out this dubstep track by Gemini. A very talented young dubstep producer from Leicester, UK. Not that far from where i reside (Manchester). I don’t really want to go into alot of detail about the producer but if you want, yoiu can read more here.

Visions is the name of the track and it features an awesome and addictive dubstep drop chorus. Kickass! Check it out for yourselves guy and leave your thoughts and comments.